ever the optimist
0 comment Thursday, June 12, 2014 |
After school yesterday I took my Son up into the bathroom and I showed him how to wash his hands properly. He had an attitude on him but he kept it just in check.
I told him that what I heard in the bathroom yesterday was him running the tap for a few seconds and then running out. No time for soap, or washing or use of the towel.
I ignored his denials and then asked him why he thinks I asked him to wash his hands properly yesterday. He went through the whole hygiene thing I'm always banging on about. Correct, I said. I want you to wash your hands properly not to be mean to you, not to inconvenience you, but because I care about you.
Then I asked him if, in hindsight, his behaviour after I had asked him to wash his hands properly was not somewhat of an over reaction. Was me asking him to take care of himself well really cause for shouting and banging doors and hurting someone?
Was it worth, thinking about it now, losing his Smiley Face for and the privileges that go with that?
So, I asked, how could you have handled it better...
And so on and so forth.....
for infinity....
Last night he was very receptive and came and talked to me later abut making good choices and Safe Ways to Express his Bad Feelings. I think if we can just doggedly keep leading him down the right path like this, keep reminding him, keep giving him strong guidance, keep talking to him, that he'll make it. It's hard work, but it helps when he meets me half way.