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Last Friday I was admitted to hospital! I had severe abdominal pain and I went through NHS Direct, my GP and finally to A & E where an injection of morphine at 2.30 in the morning finally stopped me crawling around on the floor in pain.
When I went to pick the kids up that afternoon I had an idea that the pain was getting worse and that some sort of medical intervention might be needed. I briefed the kids, told them I had tummy ache and might have to go to the Doctors, but I kept it as light and non-scary as I could. I knew this was more than the usual acid-reflux problem.
My Daughter loves taking care of people so she was quite excited by the idea of me being ill, but trying to appeal to the better nature of my Son failed miserably. He made himself as moody, attention seeking and as rude as possible until one final loud complaint about his tea saw me calmly deposit it in the bin. At which point he asked me if I wanted his tea thrown in my face. I didn't, and demonstrated this by collapsing to the floor and crying out in agony.
The kids spent Saturday afternoon with Husband's Parents, whilst Husband came to see me in my hospital ward. I was starved the whole day to have a scan that finally revealed nothing. I was also exhausted due to the chatty attention-seeking old bag in the cubicle next to mine keeping me awake all night and throughout the day. She played up for the nurses, pinching them, pretending she couldn't walk, pretending she couldn't hear them, and asking to go for a wee every 20 minutes. I had sympathy, thinking her just old and confused, until the Physio Guy turned up and she happily demonstrated being able to walk perfectly well, then her Daughter came to visit and she held a perfectly coherent conversation for an hour and a half, highlighting that she knew exactly what was going on. She displayed, in fact, the whole range of attention-seeking, controlling behaviours that my kids do, and completely spoiled any chance for me to enjoy some rest.
I was released late Saturday, weak and exhausted, and have been recovering since. The hardest thing is trying to really be there for the kids when honestly all I want to do is just rest. I'm trying to show them that although they saw me in hospital (Husband brought them to see me briefly Saturday morning) that there is nothing to worry about, and that Mummy is well and there for them. I know Son's behaviour on Friday night was caused by fear.
Medical people have determined what my stomach complaint isn't, but not what it is, so I am having further tests. I'm not very comfortable, but I am not in pain anymore.
ps don't you think it's good that my Son didn't actually throw his tea in my face? Nor did he swear at me, though he was clearly very angry that I was ill. Good work!