0 comment Friday, June 13, 2014 |
I asked Daughter again this week, all casual like, why she takes the food. Stock answer: I don't know.
Then, a bit later, when I was doing some washing-up, she pottered into the kitchen and we chatted a little, then she said that she thought she knew why she took food, she did it when worried and she's worried about SATs next week.
How thick am I?
Daughter's been displaying certain behaviours recently and I connected them to her impending SATS no problem and diffused things quickly. But the food? It all started weeks ago and so I didn't make the connect, even though I know the SATs pressure has been on at school since Christmas.
As soon as she said it, I knew it was right. The last time she drove me bonkers with this sort of stuff was when she went on a residential last Autumn, and that was of course a big thing for her. It died down as soon as it was over.
Daughter got a big hug with that one and we've agreed to start introducing confectionery back into the house after her SATs next week, see how she goes.
Can't believe I didn't think it myself!