twas the week before Christmas
0 comment Tuesday, April 15, 2014 |
This week Daughter has decided not to eat or drink. Despite my best efforts to keep things calm and scheduled, it's still a stressful time of year and Daughter not eating or drinking is a way for her to feel more in control.
Both of the children keep complaining of feeling sick. They are fine whilst they are doing something they want to do, but the minute it comes to doing something they'd rather not (in Daughter's case, eat) then out come the tummyaches and the tears.
In a week that has seen me having to get other people to babysit whilst I do a couple of hours work in the morning, this has been somewhat annoying. I understand that me going to work, added to the time of year, has unsettled them, but I really don't think that being taken to McDonalds by the grandparents should be a cause for such upset. Not in a nine and ten year old.
That's the Bullshit was referred to in the previous post.
At the beginning of the week I kept feeling waves of anger at their controlling behaviour. I felt very keenly their need to protest that they couldn't do exactly what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it, and to punish me for doing what I needed to. It didn't matter so much to them that they had a super week lined up, because getting control over me and my movements meant more.
Luckily for all of us I've been far too busy to vent any vexation and have managed, despite having much on my mind, to bring myself around to accept that this is how things will be this week. I am in control, no matter how much they protest. And if Daughter was physically ill, I wouldn't be angry at her lack of appetite. As it is, it's her precarious mental health that makes her feel compelled to starve herself, and that is just as deserving of my understanding.
When school starts again in January, both kids stress levels will come right down as an old and familiar routine comforts them. I no longer worry we've lost ground. This too will pass.