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Went on another course last Wednesday, again run by Louise Sydney, psychotherapist and specialist adoption consultant, and I do dig his stuff.
One thing I wanted to put down in writing was his suggestion for keeping stress levels down, because then I might actually remember to do it.
He suggests a meditative/reflective five minutes to help keep us in a 'good place'. Five minutes of doing nothing but watching your thoughts, mentally checking your body over, and listening to the sounds all around. No distractions like books, or TV, or having fantasy arguments with people in your head (a favourite pastime of mine). No having a snooze. No planning the next days activities. Just you being with yourself, checking how you are. Louis said something about it fusing the left and right thinking parts of the brain, and husband, who used to study tai chi, says that such meditations do actually alter your alpha and beta brain waves.
I've tried doing it whilst in the shower or cleaning my teeth, but I felt nothing. You have to just sit somewhere, I think, and give yourself the full focus of your own attention. Imagine that!
I'm not much into airy fairy hippy stuff, but the fact that there might be some science behind this encourages me. I really want to find a way to deal with the negative stuff that keeps popping into my head and surely even I can find five minutes twice a day to be still.
We'll see!

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