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Son was moody all Friday night and ended up screaming himself to sleep. In the morning he kept being moody and cheeky to his dad, and had one almighty tantrum, complete with slamming doors and screaming once again. He wasn't much better on Sunday.
His Dad had a word with him, what was the matter? Turns out he's fallen out with his best mate at school and there was some sort of physical altercation in the playground, hence his behaviour with us all weekend. Just goes to show, we can do everything right at home, but if something out of our control upsets him, we all get it in the neck from him anyway. We just can't seem to move him towards dealing with life's little problems in a more proportionate, age appropriate way.
Whatever happened between Son and his best mate was not the only issue in the playground last week. Daughter ran out of school before the bell had even ended its last ring on Thursday, wetting herself with excitement to tell me that Son had smacked her across the head at playtime. Between the two of them a story emerged that went something like this: A girl in Son's year approached Daughter to ask her to stop Son from hitting her, Daughter went over to him and he whacked her, whereupon Daughter told a Dinner Lady who made him apologise.
I am worried about Son's liking for whacking other kids in frustration at playtime. This is far from the first week this sort of stuff has happened. I have alerted the school to my worries, verbally and in writing, and today I phoned up again and gave the Learning Mentor chapter and verse about his latest behaviour.
My hope is that, as Son can behave himself in the classroom in front of a teacher, that if he knows teachers at school will get to learn about his bullying behaviour at home, then this gives him motivation to control himself. I would also really like for them to keep an eye on him at playtime, or even just keep him in, reinforcing the message that he cannot be left to hurt people.
We'll see. I still think it will take a major event before the school really take me seriously.

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