the curious case of the missing jaffa cakes
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And just as I was really loving my Daughter, having spent an enjoyable weekend with her getting all her stuff together for her week long residential trip, that too goes belly-up.
At a friend's house recently she and friend's Daughter raided the sweet cupboard and helped themselves to five bags of Haribo. A lot of talking to Daughter ensued. What did she think her friend's Mother thought of her now she had done this? How did that feel? Why did she think it was it OK to steal sweets at a friend's house when she knows she shouldn't do it here? What should she have done instead? What would she do if her friend's wanted her to steal someone's sweets when she went away with the school?
Lots of talking, reflecting, and discussion have followed that Haribo stealing episode.
After I had waved Daughter off for the week on the coach, I went home and did some housework and I found an empty box of jaffa cakes hidden under the coffee table. This made me very unhappy.
We had an incident at the end of last week when I went to fetch Daughter her jaffa cakes for her pudding, when all I found in the treat box was an orange jaffa cake wrapper. I keep the treat box on top of the kitchen cupboard so high that even I have to stand on a stool to reach it, so I knew the kids couldn't have taken it. I concluded that Husband must have eaten them all. He does that. Stuffs his face with the kids' things when I'm not looking. It's VERY annoying.
But Husband denied having them, reminding me that he doesn't like them. I was puzzled. I totally know what the kids have to eat because I am in charge of it, and no one had eaten the jaffa cakes that week because we had been eating the cakes and cookies we'd made for Halloween. And yet, I could also have sworn I'd bought toilet roll that week too, and I couldn't find that either and we were having to wipe our bottoms on tissues, and so I concluded that I must be misremembering and had not bought jaffa cakes at all.
And That's what I've thought all week. Right up until I found that badly hidden jaffa cake box. To get those jaffa cakes Daughter must have climbed up onto the kitchen work surface and then STOOD ON TOP OF THE MICROWAVE.
And she did it in a week that she was getting a cookie or cake after school, a chocolate mousse for pudding, and fruit, Froob or Cheese String for supper, so she was not exactly going without.
And she did it in a week that she and I were having chats about trust and honesty, and not stealing things, and the difference between right and wrong, and most specifically NOT STEALING SWEETS.
After this find I went into her bedroom. I had told her I would be thoroughly going through her room when she was away and so to make sure everything was just as t should be. And That's what I did this morning. Where I found chocolate bar wrappers (not of any chocolate bars I have ever bought her, so where did they come from?), money (I keep all her money for her, so where did that come from?) and felt pens (not allowed in room and not seen before, so where did they come from?) as well as a few assorted things carelessly hidden in bags instead of put away properly, now placed loving in the kitchen bin.
When I was putting the felt tip pens away in the felt tip pen box kept downstairs under the coffee table, guess what I found hidden in there? Why, I do believe it was a mouldy jam sandwich.
Daughter's the one who eats jam sandwiches in this house.
And so, the stealing and lying continues unabated.
It is probably a very good thing that I won't be seeing Daughter for a few days. Gives me time to calm down and think up something really enjoyable to dish out for a consequence.

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