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Husband and I went to CAMHS appointment this morning. I had already spoken to the Clinical Psychiatrist (CP) on Monday to tell her that I wanted her to come into the appointment knowing what help was going to be offered to Son. I didn't want to sit around talking anymore.
So we met her and the Social Worker (SW), and despite CP's efforts the meeting ran away from her and Husband and I got to explain just what it is like living with Son. Much to our relief SW got totally on board and we ended up having an actual conversation about our life, about Son's previous life, about why he was acting as he acted, about what support we had had so far (none), what therapy the children had had so far (none) and what support this family needed. Then when time was up SW stood up and said she wanted to talk to CP for five minutes. They left the room and Husband and I talked about things like the fireplace in the room and the drive over, as you do.
Upshot is that Son gets therapy starting next week, and we get a referral to our local authority's adoption support team who seem to be able to offer all sorts of magical things, like discounts on massages and respite ideas!
I am a bit confused as to why we have not been referred back the placing authority, as we are less then three years into placement, but we were assured that we are entitled to post adoption help from local Social Services. Our local Social Services are crap btw, but anything is better than nothing.
In the afternoon I finally got a call back from the drippy Learning Mentor at school who has previously promised me anger management courses and SENCo involvement, and delivered fuck all. I dare she's what might be called a 'nice woman' but nice on its own is a bit useless. I like my professionals to have skills and professionalism too. Half of the phone call was a low-level attempt to exonerate herself from her lack of action, which would infuriate me if I had the energy.
She offered a referral to counselling for Son, which might lead one to question why this has not been raised before. She also suggested that I might like to talk to the School Nurse, to what aim was not explained, but it didn't matter because I have met her and she is insufferable, so no. Then there were some practical suggestions that she had cooked up with two other key members of staff to some specific situations I highlighted, which were much more worthwhile.
Isn't it wonderful what a frank letter copied to the Head Teacher can achieve?
I'm quite tired and would benefit from doing something enjoyable that didn't include sticking rockets up the arses or professional people, but that has to wait until I can see me bestest mate on Thursday. Tomorrow I'm over at mum and dad's to take mum shopping, and the other night my gran was taken into hospital and is most likely dying. Life on this planet stinks sometimes.

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