conversations with a Dalek
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ME: Excuse me Mr Dalek, could my son please tell you a joke?
DALEK: What's a joke?
ME: Something that will make you laugh.
DALEK: Daleks don't laugh
ME: Pretend you do.
SON: Why do Daleks like apples?
DALEK: I don't like apples.
ME: Pretend you do.
DALEK: I don't know, why do Daleks like apples?
SON: Because an apple a day keeps the Doctor away.
DALEK: Haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaa
DALEK: I know another joke. Knock knock.
SON: Who's there?
DALEK: Doctor.
SON: Doctor who?
DALEK: Doctor Who! Exterminate! Exterminate!