an interesting strategy!
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Today Son came out of counselling session beaming with pride and showed me a calendar he'd been making with the Social Worker. The Social Worker explained to me that Son might not remember certain things he has to do, so they've written a few things down on the monthly calendar. This, apparently, will stop me having to always keep telling him what to do. He can just look at the calendar and he'll know what to do.
So there's stuff on there like 'tidy my room' and 'help dad in the garden' and also 'mind my manners' and 'not bully my sister'.
It's an interesting idea, that Son's behavioural problems are mostly down to him forgetting how to behave, but we'll give it a go.
I've been told that I can add anything I want onto the calendar and so I'm thinking of putting 'hug grandma not hit her' and 'do not call my mummy a fucking bitch.'

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