how I nearly burst into flames
0 comment Wednesday, April 9, 2014 |
Friday night something very frightening happened. I was woken up in the wee hours by stomach pain. It wasn't like any other stomach pain have ever experienced. It wasn't cramping, it was burning. Burning like acid was pouring through my gullet into my upper stomach. My temperature shot up and my whole body felt like it was on fire. I was in tears walking around the bedroom naked trying to cool myself down so that I didn't burst into flames.
It was so bad even Husband woke up! He got the laptop from downstairs, got the phone, and looked up the number for NHS Direct on the internet. Personally, I was thinking an ambulance, but hey, it's the thought that counts.
I managed to calm myself down by looking up my symptoms on the internet. Nothing seemed to fit and eventually the pain had died down enough for me to go back to sleep.
In the morning I told Husband that I was going to catch up on sleep and so I wouldn't be taking them all to Tescos that morning as per usual. Husband can't drive and so he took one of the kids to the local shop to get a few things in. I slept until lunchtime, woke up feeling groggy but painfree and well enough to go to the cinema with a friend that afternoon as planned.
The kids handled it very well and I thanked them for it, saying I was sorry I didn't get to spend much time with them that day.
So what the hell was that? Stress? Ulcer? Near miss with Spontaneous Human Combustion? Answers in the comments box please!