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Son had his first therapy session last Friday. I'm a little confused about a few things. Mostly about why he's having therapy from a Social Worker not the Psychiatrist. I'm trying not to think of that as a fob off.
As the Social Worker had never met my Son, I dropped her off his Life Story book and a two page documentation of his emotional and behavioural problems, with covering letter. I thought she ought to know something about him before she saw him.
We had a quick chat on the phone too. I told her I just wanted a better understanding of why he has this rage in him. The Social Worker told me he is angry because of his early life experiences (stupid me!). But when I asked what her aim was over the six therpay sessions she said it was to find out what makes him so angry.
Erm, yeah.
I also queried why I wasn't allowed in the room with him and was told because the idea was to give Son a safe space to talk about his feelings.
It's most definitely not attachment therapy. I know this because the first thing Son said when we left the building after his first session was that his and the Social Worker had a secret, and he's not allowed to tell me.
The other thing he told me was that the Social Worker had told him that when he was angry he was to breathe in through his nose and breathe out through his mouth. But I've done all that stuff with him. He's even got a card telling him what to do when he gets angry and sometimes he does do it. It's more the frequency with which he gets angry That's the problem. The fact that he gets angry over minor stuff. Every day. And that if nothing presents itself to make him angry he'll create something to make him angry. Unless we make him live the life of a Category A Prisoner which he seems to quite like.
My main worry however is that Son is absolutely besides himself that he gets taken out of school to go play glove puppets with a really nice lady. You should have seen the joy radiating off him when he came out of the room with her. He kept asking me do I really get to do this every Friday? Instead of school? I haven't seen him this happy in months and months. I really hope that one session he'll blow up so bad she'll have to press the panic button. Then we might get somewhere. But I doubt it. He'll probably carry on being joyous and the professionals will start to wonder if me and Husband are the problem. Just like I suspect the school do.

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