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Yesterday, the kids had got sports club after school, I had some evening work on and Husband was working late, so my parents-in-law kindly offered to pick the kids up from school, and look after them until both Husband and I were back home.
Everything was going well. Parents-in-law sat with the kids watching telly whilst they ate the tea I'd made for them. Son was in a good mood. I'd checked with him how the day had gone and he said that although he'd fallen out with his best mate again, they'd made up and he felt - in his words - normal. He seemed fine, so I went off to do my work with peace of mind.
When I got back I still had another job to attend to, so after checking in with the kids and grandparents, so I busied myself preparing for that.
That was when Mother-in-Law sort me out. She told me that she didn't want to worry me, but that Son had hurt her. They were all just sitting on the settee watching TV and Son was snuggling up to her, then out of the blue he pinched her arm. He didn't just pinch her arm lightly and let go, he pinched and held.
Mother-in-Law told me that she yelped and told him to get off, he was hurting. He didn't, and there was some sort of physical tussle whilst my Father-in-Law tried to pull him off his Grandmother. He shouted at Son and told him No! You do not do that! Son apparently shrugged his shoulders and said what are you going to do about it?
Mother-in-Law showed me the two blood bruises where he'd pinched her and she was pretty shaken up. So was I. I cried in fact.
When I spoke to him about it later he said he was worried because he had fallen out with his friends at school that day, and that hurting his Grandmother made him feel better.
This is a boy who CAMHS have said doesn't need any assessment or therapy.

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