bye then
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* For the purposes of this blog post, I rename my son Pete*
I turned up at the Social Worker "session" with my son and politely told the Social Worker that this week I was coming into the session with Pete.
Her face fell to stone. No, she said.
Why? I asked.
Because this is for Pete.
Well, it can still be for Pete, it's just that I'm there too. I want to learn from you how Pete and I can communicate with each other.
No. If this is something you wanted to do it should have been planned.
I really didn't think it would be a problem (not totally true).
* stony stare from Social Worker*
I really don't understand why I'm not allowed in on these sessions.
Because these sessions are for Pete.
I know that, but I'm Pete's mother. I really didn't think it would be a problem.
*stony stare from Social Worker*
Oh, well then, never mind. I turn to Son, come on then.
Social Worker turns on her heels triumphantly, then spots that Pete has not followed her. He's standing with me as I sign us out of the building.
Are you not staying? She asks.
I thought you said I couldn't come into the sessions?
You can't, she replies.
Bye then, I say.

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