my friend
0 comment Wednesday, July 2, 2014 |
This has been a terrible week. Husband and I were already struggling to deal emotionally with Son's deteriorating behaviour, trying to come to terms with the new level of aggression he is displaying. We were feeling out of our depth, useless parents, that we had failed him. And then CAMHS came along and said, yes, this is all your fault, you're crap, poor child having to put up with you two inadequates, you don't care for him at all.
In the depths of this most awful of weeks I reached out to a friend and she was there for me. She was there for me despite the fact that she has suffered worse than me, for longer than me, and is currently trying to protect the little bit of strength she has left, after the lack of adoption support her family has received has ripped her all to shreds.
I want to say to that friend that if I have ever cost her any of her own strength, then I am sorry, but that will never forget how she pulled me back from the brink this week. That I have never known anyone like her and that I give thanks everyday that I have found her. I cannot imagine my world now without my bestest friend in it.
You know who you are. Thank you.