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Christmas Day was fun times! Children were under strict instructions not to wake us up until 7am, but in a half-asleep state I heard Son get up and when I checked the time it was 7.25am. He had a wee, woke up his Sister, then both of them knocked shyly on the door. I ordered them in and they came in with massive smiles on their faces and came over for a hug and kiss!
And if you're waiting for the sarky bit when I say the hell it happened like that then you'll be disappointed, because I tell the truth! I actually tell the truth!
Then they opened their presents and were truly happy with what they'd got, and Daughter didn't even abandon her own presents to watch what Son had, which is a first! She was as interested in her own presents as she was in her Brothers! Wow!
The day passed with good food, and playing together with this and that and a bit of telly. Daughter did have three panic attacks, but two were minor and the other one (as she came to sit at the table for Christmas dinner) was easily soothed. Son was also a bit rude to Husband, but each time it passed over quickly.
Boxing Day was less shiny & bright. The children were in a niggly, arguey, needy mood and I was not in a great mood either. Not sure why. Husband expecting me to get out of bed to make him breakfast-in-bed didn't set me up in good humour for the day. I don't mind doing breakfast for him when I feel like it, but he's added to the list after the pets and the children, and only then do I get to do something for me. Sucks. And v rude to expect it rather than wait to be asked.
And Daughter peed me off because she ASKED me to do her toast (rather than pick herself a rusk out of the cupboard, which would have required no effort on my part) and then didn't eat it, so she got a a 10 minute rant on how rude that was. I know there will never be an answer but why ask for something that you. do. not. want?
I stayed irritated all day, stalked by two unregulated children who wouldn't leave me alone. They even kept staring at me whilst we watched telly, wanting to see my reaction all the time. Talk about hyper-vigilant. By the children's bedtime I hated them both and wanted them gone.
Today we went over to MILs and our family was like a poster advert for adoption. There was no controlling behaviour or bickering from the kids, they were so relaxed, everything was fun. The joy seemed to shine out of Husband's parents' eyes; they never stopped smiling the whole afternoon. Husband was in fine spirits. I really loved the kids today and felt a sense of this is worth it that is very rarely felt. Very rarely. Today my children were happy, entirely,
And so was I.

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