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It struck me today that since October I have been carrying extra duties, beginning with Halloween activities and half-term, then onto Son's birthday and then straight into Christmas. I wish I had more space at this time of year to buy nicer decorations and make cakes and puddings, but despite my best intentions, I don't. I'd have to start Christmas preparations in October, but, as noted, I am already busy.
And this year I've had the added duty of my new business, but it's been nothing but a pleasure so far. I am really chuffed with how it is going and it brings me a lot of satisfaction. I have one job to attend to through until Boxing Day, but then nothing until my next customer in January. I hope I get really busy in 2012.
As Husband takes care of the food over Christmas, as of tonight my work for Christmas Day is now done. Cards, presents, wrapping, visits, laundry, housework. Done.
For me, all there is left to do is try and live in the moment and enjoy my family.
When I was child-free Christmas was a painful time. It was always maybe this time next year... maybe this time next year... maybe this time next year...
Christmas is not always easy for adoptive families, but at least that stressful and burdensome question of who my family will be is answered now and forever. For the children too.
Let it be.
Merry Christmas one and all x

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