Do Adopted Children Have Super Powers?
0 comment Wednesday, June 18, 2014 |
I have spent the day with daughter who is off because of the teacher strike, although son is still in school. Presumably his teacher is in a different union. As it's summer she's keeping up a bug watch. She's got a thing about bugs. For one, they're a great excuse for getting out of stuff. For instance, if you do not want to tidy up your bedroom, well, summon up a spider sighting and refuse to go in there. Or, if you've had enough of playing in the garden, then get all hysterical over a bee you can see in the next door neighbour's garden.
Not only is her use of bug sightings to get her own way over something very clever, but her ability to spot the minutest, atom sized speck of a bug is, quite frankly, supernatural. She can walk into a room and in about 0.8 seconds and she will have spotted every fly, spider, moth and bug, no matter how small or how well hidden. I never knew I lived amongst so many critters.
It's an unusual superpower, but it serves her well. I am struggling to see its application for good in the world however, or how it might help get her a good job one day!