alert level
0 comment Friday, June 6, 2014 |
A bit like a country, this household has different levels of 'alert'. I like to put us on a par with the US Armed Forces defense readiness condition DEFCON. This is how it works:
DEFCON 5 Lowest state of readiness
A normal week of school ahead. No birthdays, anniversaries or special days coming up. Children's behaviour is within acceptable limits. No external pressures.Enjoy life.
DEFCON 4Increased parental watch and strengthened coping measuresA special day at school coming up, or a party or some social event for one of the children or babysitter use imminent. No external pressures. Book a lunch with supportive friend.
DEFCON 3Increase in readiness above that required for normal stuffA birthday, anniversary or special family day imminent. Problems with school friends or school pressures such as tests and special assemblies. Children's behaviour stepping outside of acceptable limits. Cancel all adult social functions, put friends on alert, ensure emergency supplies of Silk Cut.
DEFCON 2Further increase in parental readiness, but less than maximum readinessA birthday, anniversary or special day imminent. Pressures at school. School summer or Christmas holiday in view. Children's behaviour becomming exhausting. Open and engage with Silk Cut, do gym workout until nearly sick, cry down phone to understanding friend.
DEFCON 1War is imminentBirthday/Mother's Day/Father's Day/Summer Holiday/Christmas Holiday/some random event that has retraumatized children and reactivated frightening, obsessive, destructive, angry behaviours. External pressures adding to stress.Open and engage with Silk Cut, do gym workout until nearly sick, cry down phone to understanding friend, self-medicate with Syndol because the codiene and and doxylamine gives nice woozy feeling, stay up until the small hours watching a film in order to avoid having to go to bed and face worrying thoughts about wanting to run away to an island unoccupied by humans.
We're currently at DEFCON 2. Have I put you off adoption, yet?