why all this looting and chaos?
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When the world's banking elite recently created a meltdown of the global financial system, there were a lot questions asked about how this had been allowed to happen; how were the banks allowed to get away with these immoral, risky borderline criminal acts?
But not many bothered asking why the bankers did it.
I think That's because we all knew why. It wasn't hard to fathom that very rich people had been busy keeping themselves very rich by any means possible.
The world's banking elite took sickening risks with the stability of the world economy to make lots of money. Nobody stopped them and so they carried on taking more and more risk and making more and more money. That's why we've got a financial crisis That's crippling country after country.
These past few days another level of society has gone about wrecking things. This time it's people from the cities going to to shopping centres burning and looting shops. The MET shot someone, this caused some civil unrest, which them turned into a looting free-for-all for every criminal, gang member and thug in the country. These are not political or civil protests. These people are not running at the police or targetting symbols of the government. They are going out into their local high streets and doing a smash and grab on every shop they can get into.
Some people are asking why. Why are these (mainly) young people, teenagers, kids, doing this? Is it mass unemployment? Is it lack of prospects? Is it lack of respect from the Police?
Well, I'll tell you why I think these people are doing this.
They are doing this because criminals, gang members and thugs wanted to loot shops and nobody stopped them.
Now - it would take a lot of time and no one would agree on an answer - we can ask why some people turn into criminals, gang members and thugs in the same way that we can ask why some people turn into CEOs of leading banks.
But let us not ask why criminals, gang members and thugs would want to go out thieving from shops, creating chaos and throwing bricks at the police, because That's obvious isn't it? Thieving, chaos and disrespect for law are pretty much what criminals, gang members and thugs are all about, aren't they?
You might as well ask why leading bankers took breathtaking risks to make lots of money, risking the economy and billions of people's livelihoods and homes across the world. Banks are out to make money. That's what they do. Bankers aren't going to risk making less money on our account, are they?
What England needs to concentrate on right now is how we stop these looters. Oddly enough, a very large police show last night seems to have got things more under control. Perhaps if the Police Chiefs had decided to organise that on the first or second night of the riots, they wouldn't have given the impression to every criminal, gang member and thug in the country that shops were there for the looting.
Society needs the Police in the same way that banks need a financial ombudsman; to protect normal people from those among us who can't control themselves. Twas ever thus, and until we invent a drug that injects a conscience into those who never had the chance to develop one, twill ever be.
We seem ready to accept that the rich can be motivated by greed, but when it comes to other classes we assume that their motivation must come from fear or desperation. That is not so. Some people only exercise restraint in reaction to external influences because they do not have an internal moral code. Fact. Doesn't matter whether they're from Park Lane or Peckham, some people just think they can get what they want and fuck everybody else.
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