on the other hand...
0 comment Friday, May 2, 2014 |
Things have calmed down since the weekend of tantrums. Son and daughter are in a sports camp all this week and that'll do them no end of good; mixing with other kids and burning off all that youthful energy. Do me good too. I always benefit from time alone plus I get to really make a shift on my huge TO DO list.
I was really worn down when I wrote my last post. Reading it back I've painted such a negative picture of my son that I feel really sorry about it. He really did give me hell this weekend.
But the other side of him is really sweet, and he does try hard to be a part of this family. Despite his frankly quite frightening behaviour, I managed to bond with him fairly early on, which a testament to the real kid inside of him.
Yesterday I was watching some kid's programme with him. Some teenager in some drama was being vile to her mother because she was 'just' a housewife and embarrassingly boring. I said something along the lines of how rude the girl was and my son immediately spoke up and said that I wasn't boring! He told me that I did interesting things and that he liked it that I cooked for everyone and washed his clothes. He was totally genuine, having made the connection between the housewife on the telly and my current housewife status. He really just wanted to make me feel OK and it was lovely. He is lovely.
I firmly believe in the idea that if you have low expectations of children, they will live up to them. I think my son is going to do just fine.