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Blogging can be very enlightening... thinking about my last two posts, which I wrote in the same night, I can see why our children's ex-Social Worker's behaviour is a trigger for me. She's a bit like my mum; perfectly pleasant and all that, but totally uninterested!
Her very last home visit before we got our Adoption Order (meaning she never had to visit us ever again! Hurrah!) I played a game. I decided that I would tell her nothing about me and the kids unless she asked. She sat in my house for an hour, drank my coffee, ate my biscuits, and the subject of me and my children and husband never came up! We spent the whole hour talking about her and her family! And this is a woman who is paid to monitor our welfare!
I guess I have a lot of festering irritation from all the times people should have put themselves aside and asked after me, but never did. And it's worse when they do it to my kids, like she did. I've also dropped two 'friends' I'd had since childhood because they took no interest whatsoever in the arrival and continuing presence of my children. It infuriated me.
It's comforting to know you're on people's minds sometimes, and very lonely when you realise you haven't been. Screw them, I says, screw them all.

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