trap door
0 comment Tuesday, April 1, 2014 |
So, I've told me parents about the business I am setting up. Today, driving us to the supermarket, I told mum that I thought now was time for me to do it because I was getting bored. I said that I knew it would take a while to build-up, but that I was really excited about it. Then I mentioned that I'd even considered going back into an office job because I was so bored, but found I couldn't stand the thought of it.
"Well, something will turn up." she said, inexplicably.
"Well, something has,' I reminded her, slightly puzzled. 'The business.'
"Oh yes," she said, weakly.
That's my mother. Where there should be a solid ground of support, there's actually a trap door, and I seem to fall through it quite a lot.